Children are amazing and each child has a unique head of hair. Whether the child’s hair is textured, curly, wavy, twist or flat ironed each child's head of hair is amazing.  Our products help to detangle, condition, moisturize and penetrate the hair and scalp all of which help to provide a healthy head of hair.

My name is Kree Autumn and I am a HPO baby or as I like to say a HBO baby (Happy Baby Only)!!!! My mommy and daddy knew when mommy was pregnant with me that HPO Spa products were the only one’s for me. My first experience was when daddy rubbed mommy’s belly with Butter Drops and mommy used Raw Sugar Scrub on her belly to keep her skin moisturized and to keep away stretch marks. When I made my grand entrance into the world the nurses tried to put some different products on me and my mom said “No! Not on my babay, get my butter drops out!” Butter drops also helped to calm my scalp and treat the spots were cradle cap appeared on my scalp. Simply Curly helps to define my natural curls and keep my hair bouncy and fresh. HPO shampoo and conditioner helps to strengthen, prevent breakage, and keep my hair healthy. My parents are not afraid of some unsightly rash if HPO products get on my skin because all of the products are natural, organic, healthy and safe for all hair and skin types. My parents love me and utilize nothing but the best products on me. After mommy, daddy and my brother finish with their Butter Drops and Simply Curly in their hair, I get excited because I know that I’m next. Now that I’m older and becoming more aware of what’s going on around me, one day I realize that my mommy was using something different on her hair and it peaked my interest. I wanted this new spray on my hair too. Now I get Smell My Hair sprayed on my hair in between washes. I am and will forever be a HBO Baby, toddler, teen and adult. My family is a HPO family who use only the best organic, natural products for the mind, body, soul and hair!

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