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About Debra


Debra Small has always been at the core of the hair industry. Being a world trainer for large haircare giants, she found her placement to create what was missing and needed in products for the natural hair and body market. She was invited to feature her products in selected Whole Foods Markets and other specialty stores. Many companies ignore hair texture and every texture matters. Her journey began with the idea first of overcoming eczema breakouts using her Shea Butter blended product Twisty Locs. Because of her love for health and wellness, she has created a natural beard line for the well-groomed man. This line consists of beard creams, tattoo oil, and beard shampoo. She gives back to the community by supporting organizations that embrace women to become better by knowledge, style, and reform. Valuable roll any day of the week if she's not creating HPO handcrafted products she's on the road meeting her suppliers and their consumers. She always makes time to create healthy hair at her salon New York New York Hair Design in St.Louis, MO. Love every step of the way, from her hands to your scalp and with her deep compassion for women going through breast cancer, she will create you a wig.

Happy Beard Line

If you have a son he will demand certain tools for the groomed man, his marketing message Beards Matter also and that's where it all started, he branded the beard line. An offer we couldn't refuse and was so in demand. The line consists of Bump. Happy Beard & Tattoo, Beard Spread, Beard Lather and our newest product Soul Beard a powerful conditioner for the beard. All products enhance the skin and facial hair giving required sanitary cleansing properties and last but most important promotes growth.

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