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August 26th, 2010
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Commentary: Living with Alopecia by Danielle Belton Paparazzi photos of supermodel Naomi Campbell revealed severe hair loss from Traction Alopecia. There were lots of murmurs online about a woman who is prized for her looks being “imperfect.” But for many …


St Louis City Wide Fitness Challenge 5k Run

May 23rd, 2015


Mind & Body 2015 Health Awareness Event featuring guest speaker Debra Small. Cardinal Ritter College Prep 701 N Spring Ave St Louis MO, 9am.


Our Mission
HPO Spa treatments(Happy People Only) vision is to inspire others to take advantage of their own well being and encourage them to make everyday choices to increase their awareness to protect their hair,rejuvenate their skin & nourish their soul an experience that exceed their expectations with the assistance of science and traditional knowledge of the earths natural resources with a non chemical approach and allowing these resources to be at arms reach,ensuring the highest quality and clean ingredients for optimum results.(cruelty free)

True Karma Girl

Juicing for real.... (Wed, 27 May 2015)
Everyday you wake up you have life ,so let's start with promoting it. Green Jucing  101 3 Swiss Chard leaves 1 large red organic apple 1/2 cucumber  1/2 large carrot 2 small bunches of spinach  Blend all ingredients in your juicer. Drink immediately  Enjoy !
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Why so important ? (Mon, 11 May 2015)
Start asking yourself 1.Can I really complete this task of greatness (free smiles to strangers) 2) Do I create joy in myself(watch a two year old respond to life) 3)Happy Today (what about Happy Evetyday)
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Stay the same or try yoga (Fri, 08 May 2015)
The benefits 1.Your personal space(the mat) 2.Your body want get enough(self massage) 3.Your feet stay grounded (stand taller) 4.The best mind booster (works a breeze) Than you 5.We make the best Karma yoga foot covers.
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What's the true purpose of your day? (Thu, 07 May 2015)
Everyday should be on purpose ,I suggest if you lead every moment ,second ,minute and hour you'll find what matters to you ,We will list a few suggestions . 1.Wake up thankful. 2.Set your intention for the day. 3.Be responsible for your thoughts. 4.Start tomorrow better.
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You deserve to be your own flower (Thu, 30 Apr 2015)

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True karma Girl
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Everyday you wake up you have life ,so let's start with promoting it.Green Jucing  1013 Swiss Chard leaves1 large red organic apple1/2 cucumber 1/2 large carrot2 small bunches of spinach Blend all ingredients in your juicer.Drink immediately Enjoy !

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