Avocado pulp throughout has been used directly on the hair to stimulate hair growth. The oil of this plant has also been used to soften the scalp and hair giving them more resilience and smoothness.

Honey is a natural humectant, which means it ahs the ability to attract and retain moisture. Studies have also revealed that honey has significant natural antioxidant properties.

Wheat Protein
Wheat protein helps reconstruct and strengthen weakened hair shafts. Hair will exhibit superior strength, elasticity, shine and the absence of split ends.

Pure essential HPO oils of chocolate blend.
Pure essential oils of lemon, lime, & HPO essential oil blend.



*We offer Gluten Free Products upon request.

Essential Oils & Erbs


All of our scents are blended from extracts of plants, flowers and erbs from nature... blended with love.

We also have our own HPO essential oil blend created specificaslly by us.

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